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Robimond & Co. Construct srl is attempting to establish a new and modern way for romanian design market. A small, but highly skilled and experienced team employe, challenge the "biggies" of HVAC & plumbing, using three criteria of performance:
Highquality+Low costs+Speed
Our clients judge the results and count the saving. We are offering our services in order to fulfil all your needs for efficient and fast handling of your goods.

We offer: complete design, execution and project management for HVAC & plumbing equipments, consulting, supervising, technical assistance and automation engineering, new executions, maintenance and repairing for HVAC & plumbing installations.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineering
  • Energy conservation, heat recovery and alternative energy systems;
  • Central air-conditioning and related sub-systems;
  • Heating stations and thermic networks;
  • Refrigeration systems;

  • Thermic insulations;
  • Boiler plants;

  • Plumbing Engineering
  • Internal water pipes, tanks and treat stations;
  • Water drains and distribution;
  • High pressure pump stations;
  • Swimming pools installations;
  • Sewer and sewage disposal;
  • Site drainage;

  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Sprinkler, standpipe, Halon-replacement, foam;
  • Firesafety installations;

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Power distribution;
  • Lighting;
  • Controls;

  • In order to maintain our services in a top position we ensure that you will have:
  • Two years warranty;
  • Execution reception;
  • Service;
  • Consulting;

    Once again, thank you for your interest.
    Please contact us to discuss more details about our services.

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