Installing An Inground Pool

The following is an overview of what will be involved in the installation of your inground swimming pool. Each installation varies, as does the length of time required to complete it. Consult Robimond Swimming Pool Products for complete guidelines.

Digging hole Initially the pool site must be marked out for digging purposes. The hole is then dug to required shape and depth. An inground pool dig produces a great deal of dirt and therefore it must be trucked off site to be dumped.

Next, the steel pool walls and the walk-in step is set up, carefully squared, levelled and secured in place permanently. All plumbing and filter lines are then installed. Steel Walls

Backfilling Following this, the perimeter of the pool may be backfilled and deck preparations are made dependent on what has been chosen.

In order for the pool to have a smooth finish, the pool bottom is trowelled to perfection. Trowelling concrete bottom

Installing Liner Once the bottom has been completed, the custom made vinyl liner is installed.

Then to ensure a proper fit a vaccum system is used to suction the liner snuggly in place. Vacuuming out air pockets

The finished product!
Finished pool

This overview is meant to serve only as a simplified description of things to come. Please remember, the staff of Robimond Swimming Pool Products are professionals, and know the answers to all your questions. Feel free to contact us.

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