Robimond's HVAC & Plumbing business opportunities.

For the last two years our company has been working on big and important design & execution HVAC and Plumbing projects.
Our specialists have developed a marketing plan research for the romanian market and the expectations are very promising.
This is the reason that "SC Robimond & Co. Construct SRL" is very interested in developing on the international market.
Depending on our companies, we have several opportunities: import, export, design, service and production.
We are planing to build a 600 square meters warehouse designed specially for store or production. Also, by being located in the eastern Europe we have the advantage of having eastern prices, western quality and low costs human resources.

If you see a potential future work or a dealing collaboration between our companies, please contact us to discuss the details. For more information about the company, please visit our "About Us" web page.

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