Please read the following:
  1. The person who has submitted the program (the author or somebody else) in this page (Add Software) is responsible for the dates he/she has introduced. Our company is not responsible for these dates;
  2. The author of the program or the person who has submitted it, has at any time the possibility of taking it from our site. Likewise, its data can be modified even after its introduction in the site;
  3. When a new version has been made, we kindly ask you to submit the new program in our site;
  4. In case the program does not meet the conditions of the area chosen by you, we have the right to change the area where it will be put;
  5. Apart from the rights in point two, the author or the person who have submitted the program in our site, has no other rights on us;
  6. Please DO NOT submit MS-DOS & Mac software. They are not accepted. Thank you!
  7. In case of infrigement of the previsions above, or any other reasons, we have the right to refuse or delete from our site your program(s).

If you have allready a program in our data base and you want to up date, please contact us.
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